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Go to YITH > Point Of Sale > Customization to customize the settings of your POS screen.

This tab includes more sections.

General settings

POS customization tab

  • Enable sound effect: this option enables the sound played every time a product is added to the cart from the POS screen. Every Cashier can disable the sound effect from the POS terminal by clicking on the bell icon:

POS sound effect

  • Close popup windows when clicking on the background: enable this option if you want to close every kind of popup window appearing on the POS screen when you click out of it. Make sure you keep this option disabled if you want to close the window only when clicking on the X icon in it.

VAT number field

  • VAT number field label: enter the label that will define the VAT number field in POS and on frontend.
  • Show the VAT number field on frontend: enable this option if you want to show the VAT number field added by the plugin on WooCommerce Checkout and My Account pages too.

Max number of products to show in results

  • Max number of results when searching products: enter a value to define the maximum number of products to show in search results on POS.

Search result with max number of products

 Login page

POS login page

  • Login page: pick here the page that opens the POS screen view. This is the page that Cashiers have to visit whenever they want to open and use a POS Register. By default, the plugin creates a page called ‘YITH POS‘, which slug is /pos.
    This is also the page that can be opened from the backend from the top left menu dropdown.

Visit POS


View POS pagePOS page URL

  • Login logo: here you can set up the logo that your Managers and Cashiers will see on the login page whenever they visit the POS screen page and near the search bar in the Register screen.

POS logo

  • Login background image: pick or upload here an image for the login screen.
  • Login background color: pick here a color for the background of the login screen. This will be replaced by the image if there are any selected.

Payment method settings

Payment method settings

  • Payment methods: select the payment methods that will be globally used. It is possible to override this setting for each register.

Preset settings

Preset settings

  • Number Keyboard presets: here you can set up the preset discount buttons that will appear on the Number keyboard when you edit the product price from the POS screen.

Number keyboard presets

  • Fee and Discount presets: here you can set up the preset amounts for the buttons that will appear when you click on the Add Fee or Discount button from the POS screen. They will be listed as ‘Popular fees’.

Discount and fee preset

Stock management

Please, refer to this page for the settings and for a better understanding of stock management.

Color settings

From this section, you will be able to change the colors of the items on the POS Register screen.

  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Products grid background
  • Product title background
  • Saved cart buttons background
  • Pay button background
  • Note buttons background
  • Header background

In the following screenshots, you can see which items on the screen match the color settings.

Color settings

Color settings

POS colors