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Members-only content starts here

The plugin gives you the possibility to insert a divider line in your posts so you can hide the content of the post partially, namely everything that is AFTER the divider.

This way members will see the whole content, whereas non-members will only see the first part.

You can find it both as a Gutenberg and Elementor widget and as a simple shortcode.

Gutenberg and Elementor widget

Just type Members-only content start to make it show up in Gutenberg or Elementor editor.

After the divider, the plugin will automatically show the default alternative content (if set).

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Please, note that this widget and the related shortcode only works if you have chosen to show an alternative content for non-members from the General options, as explained here.

Yet if you want to hide the alternative content, you can enable the “Hide alternative content” option (if necessary) from the page builder editor:

Add the divider from from Gutenberg widgets
Add the divider from ElementorGutenberg widgets


You can also use it as a simple shortcode:


Members-only-content shortcode classic

And if you want to hide the alternative content, you can use the attribute hide-alternative-content and set it to ‘yes’, like this:

[yith_wcmbs_members_only_content_start hide-alternative-content='yes']