Membership users

When a user buys the product associated to the membership, a new entry appears in the list of memberships.

List of membership plans

At the same time it is associated to the user in WordPress “Users” page.

User membership

If you open the entire profile of one specific user, you can see the history of his/her membership.

Membership history

In Users page, you can make actions on each user’s membership. Read more here to learn how.

Select one or more users from the list:

Select user

Select the membership plan on which you want to apply a change:

Select membership plan

Select the action you want to perform on the membership: either delete plan or delete whole story.

Action on membership

If you want to assign a membership plan to a user tha has not purchased the associated product, select the user from the list, choose a plan and click on “New membership”.

Assign mebership manually

Then, the user will be member of the selected plan; each membership assigned manually by the admin will be given the order ID equal to zero.

Order ID of membership created by the admin