Login Form shortcode

The shortcode “Login Form”,[loginform], allows you to add WooCommerce login form into the page, which will be visible to all unlogged users.

Shortcode 'Login form'

Protect Media shortcode

The shortcode “Protected media” prints protected media link. Please note: media should be set as protected before printing the link.
Shortcode attributes are:

  • “id”: ID of the protected media
  • “content”: Linked text

Example: [protected_media id=123]content[/protected_media]

Membership Level Items shortcode

The shortcode “Membership Level Items” allows you to show a complete list of all elements associated to a specific membership plan. This list is visible only to users who have subscribed that plan. Go to “Membership > Plans” to copy the shortcode related to the plan you want to show.

Membership shortcode

Shortcode attribites are:

  • “ID”: ID of the membership plan
  • “style”: If style is set to “default”, shortcode style is the same as in membership plan list; else, if it is not set, shortcode style can be set within membership plan

“Example:” [membership_items plan=237 style=”default”]

Product Download Links shortcode

The shortcode Product Download Links prints product download links.
Shortcode attributes are:

  • id: product ID. If not specified, it prints current product download links
  • link_class: the css class of download links
  • content: linked text. If it is not set, the linked text will be the name of the file set in product

Example: [membership_download_product_links id=111 link_class=”button button-test”]DOWNLOAD[/membership_download_product_links]

Membership History shortcode

The “Membership history” shortcode lets you show users the list of all memberships they are following.
The attributes of the shortcode are:

  • title: title you want to show ahead of the content of the shortcode
  • type: this attribute lets you filter the list of the membership displayed when you are also using the YITH WooCommerce Subscription plugin.
    type = “membership” this lets you show all memberships with no subscription plan of the users.
    type = “subscription” this lets you show all memberships with a subscription plan of the users.

An example of a shortcode: [membership_history id=”123″ title=”Shortcode Title” type=”membership”]

Membership Protected Links shortcode

This shortcode allows you to handle displaying links within a specific page, post or product in your website.
Its goal is to display links only to users who own a specific type of membership.
This plugin will add the “Membership Protected Links” metabox in the edit page of any post, page or product in your website.
Enter all of the link you want to display for each membership plan you want to link them to.

Metabox 'Membership Protected Links'

Now you can enter the[membership_protected_links] shortcode within the content and users will be automatically displayed the links related to the membership plan they own.

Link showed in post


Shortcode attributes

  • post_id: the ID of the post, the page or the product that contains the protected links. If not set, it uses global post ID
  • link_class: The CSS class of download links

Membership Protected Content shortcode

The “Membership Protected Content” shortcode can be selected from within posts, pages and products.
It allows you to set up different content for the same “post” (page or product)of each different membership plan: the system will automatically select the content to display to each customer, according to the type of membership they own.

Every content added within the shortcode will only be displayd to customers who own a membership plan.
Example: [membership_protected_content]

Setting the ID of the membership plan as a shortcode attribute, the content within the shortcode will be visible only by the users associated with said plan.
Example: [membership_protected_content plan_id=”123″] content [/membership_protected_content]

To find the plan ID, go to “Memberships”.


The attribute “user” define the type of user that can view the content. Possible values: member, non-member, guest, logged.
Default: member.

Supposing that we want to show the content to all the non-members users with id=”123″, we will write the shortcode as follows:

[membership_protected_content plan_id=”123″ user=”non-member”] content [/membership_protected_content]