General options

In the second tab of the plugin panel, you will find all the configuration options, grouped in different sections.

General options

In the General options section, you will find the following options:

  • Automatically assign new users to specific membership plan(s): enable this option and select the plan(s) that you want to assign to users on registration. For example, you can disclose the possibility to buy products or even a membership plan only to registered users.
  • How to manage access to restricted content:
    • Hide content: members will view the restricted contents, non-members will be redirected to a 404 page.
    • Show limited content and redirect: non-members will see a partial content and will be redirected to a specific URL when they try to access to full content.

      This option can be overridden from the product page in the Membership options metabox.
      Redirect non-members

    • Show alternative content: the full content will be accessible to members only and you can set an alternative content for non-members or choose one you’ve previously set up.

      Please, refer to this page for a detailed explanation of how to set up alternative contents.
      alternative content editor

    • Show Memberships menu in My Account page: finally, this option allows showing the endpoint Membership in My account, where your users can check all the details related to their memberships:

      Additionally, you can also show the Contents tab for those plans where it turns out to be useful. You can enable the Contents tab from the settings of every single membership plan: