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Membership details

As soon as you open the plugin panel in YITH > Membership, you will be able to see a dashboard with all the memberships created so far. If it’s the first time you’re activating the plugin, you will see an empty page, as you have to start configuring your membership plans. Go here to learn more about how to do that.

Once you have some membership plans and your users start buying access to it or you manually give access to it (check this page for manual attribution), you will see a list of all memberships here with the status:

All memberships

You can edit the membership details at any time by clicking on Edit or move it to Trash.

If you click on the membership, you will be able to see the main details, like the plan, the starting and expiration dates, the user it belongs to, the order ID through which it was purchased (if applicable) and the membership history with all status changes.

Membership details

If you want to show the same Membership history to the user on the front end, you can enable the option called Show membership history in My Account page from the plugin settings tab, as explained here.

Edit the membership

To edit the membership status (refer to this page to learn about all the available statuses), you can select the membership from the list of all memberships and change it from the box on the right called Membership actions:

Membership actions

You can also add a user to those memberships that have been purchased by guest users:

Search user

If you want to edit some specific details, you can enable the Advanced administration below on the same page, which we recommend you use only if you’re pretty sure of what you are doing, as all changes will not be reversible.

Here you can change the following information:

  • Plan ID
  • Starting date
  • Expiration date
  • Order ID
  • Order item ID
  • User ID
  • Status
  • Paused days
  • Credits

Membership status

There are 7 available statuses for the membership:

  • active: the status of a new membership, which corresponds to the completed order.
  • suspended: user membership is not active.
  • paused: the user has paused the membership (they can pause it in the membership detail page)
  • resumed: this status always follows the “paused” status and it is set manually by the admin (in the membership detail page). When this status is set, the plugin saves the number of days the membership has been paused and will automatically extend the membership expiry date. For the same reason, also the visibility of elements with a delay will be extended.
  • expiring: status of the membership when it is going to expire (starting from 10 days before the expiration). When this status is set, the user receives an automatic email informing about the expiring membership.
  • expired: expired membership.
  • cancelled: user’s membership has been cancelled by the admin.
Membership status