Membership list

A complete list of membership plans to which a user adheres is available on Membership > Memberships.Membership listFor each element of the list you can see the following information:

  • Membership ID
  • ID of the order related to the membership
  • Status of the membership
  • User associated to the membership
  • Start and end date of the membership

Click on the button “edit” of the membership plan concerned to show details. You can also search memberships based on fields of the order, for example the customer billing email.

Membership detail button

Membership details

In the same page you can also find a history of the membership plan subscribed, including also possible status changes it has gone through.

Membership history

To show the history of the membership to users, activate the “Show membership history in My Account page” option you can find in the settings panel of the plugin.

show history

The membership history will be displayed in a new tab in the “My Account” page.

My Account page


Membership status

There are 7 available statuses for the membership:

  • active: the status of a new membership, which corresponds to the completed order.
  • suspended: user membership is not active.
  • paused: the user has paused his/her membership (they can pause it in membership detail page)
  • resumed: this status follows always “paused” status and it is set manually by the admin (in membership detail page). When this status is set, the plugin saves the number of day hte membership has been paused and will automatically postpone the membership expiry date. For the same reason, also visibility of the elements for which a delay had been set will be postponed.
  • expiring: status of the membership when it is going to expire (since 10 days before expiry) When this status is set, the user receives an automatic email informing about him/her expiring membership.
  • expired: expired membership
  • cancelled: user’s membership has been cancelled by the admin

Membership statuses


Edit membership

Membership can be paused, resumed or cancelled. To do that, go to membership detail page (Membership > Memberships) and select the one you want to edit.Edit membership

You can edit membership details if you have enabled the option “Membership Advanced management” in “YITH > Membership > Settings”.

advanced membership

In this case, in membership detail page you’ll be able to see a dedicated section called “Advanced Administration” that allows you to edit every single field shown in the picture below.

Advanced Administration

Membership purchase

By default, non-registered users cannot purchase a membership. To edit this behavior, activate the “Allow guests to purchase membership related products” option in YITH Plugins -> Membership > Settings.

guest purchases

This way, any user will be free to purchase a membership, with no need to be registered to the site. After the purchase, the system will create a membership with no user linked.

Membership with no user

Administrators can link manually the related user to the membership when they want by accessing to the detail of the membership and selecting the user with the specific option.

User-membership link