To have access to the plugin report click on “Membership -> Reports”.

Report section

Right inside the report you find two different sections: one for downloads and one for memberships.

“Download” section of report allows to know the number of downloads registered in the last 10 days and in the last 12 months.

Downloads report by product

The downloads report allows knowing the number of downloads for each single product.

The complete list of the downloads can be filtered by user through the specific search box.

Downloads report by product

Downloads report by user

An additional section related to the downloads is “Download by user”. Here you can find the complete list of users who purchased at least one membership.

Download by user

For each user, you can find the following information:

  • total number of downloads
  • number of different contents downloaded
  • membership name associated to the user
  • IP address

To view all the details, click on the button shown in the following image.

View details

ip address

Membership report

From “Membership” section you can trace back the number of memberships currently active and of those that have always been activated.

Membership report