How to set up content of your membership plans

You can choose to include any type of content to your memberships: a page, a post, a product or any other media uploaded on to the site. For each type of content in your site you can set the membership plan it is associated to, regardless of general configuration settings of the plan.
To do that, log in as admin to your site and open the page (or post or product) and select the membership plan you want to associate from the dedicated box that you can find on the right side.

Select membership plan on content

The same content can be added to more than one membership plan. Moreover, you can choose to make this content available to users only after a specific number of days since purchase. To do that, check the option “Delay” that you can find below the select field for your membership.

Set a delay time for publishing content

As already said, also media files can be included in the membership.

Select a membership plan on media

In order to set a delay time on media, click on “Edit more details”.

Set delay on media