Set restrictions to download number

The plugin allows you to add restrictions to the downloadable items in your membership plan. In fact, you can assign a specific number of credits to the membership plan, which will be accordingly decreased of the credits assigned to each product that users download.
Let’s see together details concerning each of the plugin options to better understand how to configure it correctly.

Content list in My Account page

Follow these steps to configure the download credit system related to the selected membership plan:

  1. In option “Download number for every term”, set the number of credits that users receive once they purchase the membership. Specify “zero” value if no restrictions have to be applied to allowed downloads.
  2. In options “Define Download term” and “Download term unit” you can set the term until which credits will be at user’s disposal. You can specify this time limit in days, weeks, months or years.
    After the first term, the number of credits available will be restored, unless you have enabled option “Can be accumulated”, which allows adding new credits to the remaining ones.

By default, each time a product is downloaded, one credit is decreased from credit total, unless you have changed the number of credits associated to that product; in the latter case, credits associated to that product are decreased accordingly.

Credits - Single product

Each user will be able to see in his/her own “My account” page the number of credits required to download or access that specific item.

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