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Membership users

When a user buys the product associated with a membership, you will be able to see this membership listed on the main page with All memberships together with a reference to the related order and user.

All memberships

When no user is listed under the User column, it means that the membership has been purchased by a guest user. Refer to this page to add a user to this membership.

You can also see in a glance which membership plan is associated with the user from the Users list, as you can see below:

Membership from users page

If you open the user’s profile, you can see the history of his/her membership.

Bulk actions

Additionally, from the Users page, you can apply some specific changes to the membership of one or more users at the same time (with bulk actions).

First of all, you can filter users by the membership plan they possess (if you need to) by simply picking the plan name from the dropdown.

Filter by membership plan

Then, select one or more users from the list:

Select users

Make sure you select the action to perform in the Membership bulk action dropdown menu:

Bulk editing

  • Membership bulk editing: this allows you to bulk edit the memberships of selected users.
  • Cancel membership: this will set the membership plan selected in the next dropdown to ‘Cancelled’ status.
  • New membership: this will apply a new membership plan among the available ones in your site that you can select in the next dropdown menu.
  • Delete history: this will delete the history of ALL the membership plans the user has (it is NOT possible to select one specific plan only).

Then, select the membership plan on which you want to apply a change from the Select membership plan dropdown menu (not available for Delete history).

Choose plan

Finally, click on Apply to make sure the change is applied.


If you want to assign the plan Gold to Amelia and Elizabeth, you’ll just have to select them from the users’ list, select the action New membership from the first dropdown and Golden plan from the second dropdown and then click on Apply.

Bulk edit memberships

Now Amelia and Elizabeth have access to the contents of the Golden membership plan.

Please, note: every membership assigned manually by the admin will be given the order ID equal to zero.


The plugin also includes a feature to let your members directly chat with the site administrator. As an admin you can check all messages in YITH > Membership > Messages tab, but to enable this feature, you have to add and configure the Messages widget first.

To add the form, just use the YITH Membership widget into any sidebar of your theme, where you want it to appear.

This is how it will look like on the frontend:

The admin will be able to reply from his dashboard in YITH > Membership > Messages, where messages are sorted in conversations by user:


Conversations are sorted according to the last answer given. To check for new messages, just make sure that the last message shown is not from you, the shop admin.

The shop admin can send a message to a member any time, by simply clicking on the button “Send Message”, available in WordPress list of users.

Send message

Alternative contents

When a user does not have access to a specific page of your site, as it is part of a membership plan, they should get enough information about why they are not seeing this content and how they can get access to it.

This is why it is extremely important to set up an informative content that is shown to non-members and this is what you can do with the Alternative content in our membership plugin.

First of all, make sure that the alternative content option has been enabled from YITH > Membership > General options > How to manage access to restricted content and select Show Alternative Content.

alternative contents settings

Save and open the called Alternative contents in Membership.

Alternative content tab

You will be able to choose between two way of building your alternative contents.

  1. Through the built-in editor from the General options tab:
    alternative content editor
  2. By creating an advanced page from the Alternative contents tab. This is particularly useful if you want to build your page using Gutenberg blocks, adding CTA buttons etc.
    To do that, create a new content from the Alternative Content tab, then from the General settings select Load on alternative content and select one of the contents you’ve previously saved.

New alternative content

Custom alternative content on product/page/post

Please, consider that this global option can be overridden from every page, post or product with some custom content, meaning that you can have a global settings but also specific settings for every post or page or product if you want to.

If you want to override these settings, you will be able to set this from the Membership options metabox and either create a custom content from the built-in editor or load one of the alternative contents you’ve previously created.

Set alternative content from metabox


YITH WooCommerce Membership allows you to send notification emails to your users whenever one of the following actions on memberships occur:

    • a new membership is created;
    • a membership gets cancelled;
    • a membership is going to expire;
    • a membership has expired.

To edit content and general settings for emails, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

In the email content you can use the following placeholders to print dynamic information about the user or the membership:

  • {firstname}: user’s first name
  • {lastname}: user’s surname
  • {site_title}: the name of your website
  • {membership_name}: membership plan name
  • {membership_expire_date}: membership expiring date
  • {site_address} or {site_url}: the URL of your website

Users receive the email informing them about their expiring membership 10 days before it expires.


Free shipping for registered users

The premium version of the plugin allows to create a new shipping method that resets the fee to zero for all the users registered to one or more membership plans on your shop.

Go to WooCommerce > Shipping > Add new shipping method and select “Membership free shipping” from the drop-down menu.

Now select the membership plan you want to associate to the new shipping method.

In this way all the users registered to the specified plan could select the free shipping during the checkout.
For example, if the Gold plan includes all the items in Silver plan, you will just have to set a free shipping for the Silver plan and will automatically be available for members of both plans.

Flat rate shipping

You can also set up a flat rate option for users of a specific membership plan. To do that, add a new shipping method and select Membership Flat Rate.

You can add a title, tax and the flat rate cost. Decide what is required in order to apply the flat rate shipping and select the membership plan it applies to.

Login Form shortcode

The shortcode Login Form allows you to add WooCommerce login form into the page, which will be visible to all unlogged users.

Just type this in any page where you want it to appear:


Protect Media shortcode

The shortcode “Protected media” prints protected media link. Please note: media should be set as protected before printing the link.
Shortcode attributes are:

  • “id”: ID of the protected media
  • “content”: Linked text

Example: [protected_media id=123]content[/protected_media]

Membership Items shortcode

The shortcode “Membership Level Items” allows you to show a complete list of all elements associated to a specific membership plan. This list is visible only to users who have subscribed that plan. Go to “Membership > Membership Plans” to copy the shortcode related to the plan you want to show.

You can use the attribute “plan” to set the ID of the membership plan.

“Example:” [membership_items plan=237]

membership items shortcode

Product Download Links shortcode

The shortcode Product Download Links prints product download links.
Shortcode attributes are:

  • id: product ID. If not specified, it prints current product download links
  • class: the css class of download links
  • content: linked text. If it is not set, the linked text will be the name of the file set in product

Example: [membership_download_product_links id=111 class=”button button-test”]DOWNLOAD[/membership_download_product_links]

Membership History shortcode

The “Membership history” shortcode lets you show users the list of all memberships they are following.
The attributes of the shortcode are:

  • title: title you want to show ahead of the content of the shortcode
  • type: this attribute lets you filter the list of the membership displayed when you are also using the YITH WooCommerce Subscription plugin.
    type = “membership” this lets you show all memberships with no subscription plan of the users.
    type = “subscription” this lets you show all memberships with a subscription plan of the users.

An example of a shortcode: [membership_history id=”123″ title=”Shortcode Title” type=”membership”]

Please, note, to make sure all contents are visible here, you must have enabled it from Membership plans > [Your plan] > Show contents in membership details:

Show contents in membership details