Membership plan settings

Membership plans are the core of the plugin. With no membership configured, you cannot sort any kind of content. You can configure any membership plan you want. To create a new membership plan, go to Membership -> Plans and click on Add Plan.

Creation of a new membership plan

Now you can configure the general settings of the plan and of the content included.

Plan settings

To configure the general settings of a membership plan, click on the “Settings” option of the page.

Plan general settings

Firstly, select the product you want to assign to the membership. By purchasing this product, users will be able to access the content of the plan.

Select membership product

Now with the “Duration” option, set for how many days the content will be available to all members of the membership. Set to zero to offer unlimited access to contents.

Membership duration

With the option “Linked Plans” you can link different plans. In this case, selecting a new plan, all members of the “Golden” membership will have access to all contents of the linked plan.

Linked membership plans

“Show contents in Membership History”: this option lets members of a membership to see the complete list of the contents of the plan from the “My Account” page.

Membership plans front end

Set restrictions to download number

The plugin allows you to add restrictions to the downloadable items in your membership plan. In fact, you can assign a specific number of credits to the membership plan, which will be accordingly decreased of the credits assigned to each product that users download.
Let’s see together details concerning each of the plugin options to better understand how to configure it correctly.

Content list in My Account page

Follow these steps to configure the download credit system related to the selected membership plan:

  1. In option “Download number for every term”, set the number of credits that users receive once they purchase the membership. Specify “zero” value if no restrictions have to be applied to allowed downloads.
  2. In options “Define Download term” and “Download term unit” you can set the term until which credits will be at user’s disposal. You can specify this time limit in days, weeks, months or years.
    After the first term, the number of credits available will be restored, unless you have enabled option “Can be accumulated”, which allows adding new credits to the remaining ones.

By default, each time a product is downloaded, one credit is decreased from credit total, unless you have changed the number of credits associated to that product; in the latter case, credits associated to that product are decreased accordingly.

Credits - Single product

Each user will be able to see in his/her own “My account” page the number of credits required to download or access that specific item.

My Account page


Content selection

The configuration page of the plan is divided in two main sections: in the first one you can select all contents to include in a plan, in the second one you can configure the general settings of the plan. Let’s analyze them. First give a name to the membership plan, then select elements you want to add to it using the select fields you find in the tab “Planned items”.Select plan content

As you can see from the image above, you can massively add contents by simply specifying categories and post and product tags. Moreover, you can specify also the name of pages, posts and products that you will include into the plan.

You can include any type of content available in the site (pages, posts, media, products) directly from its detail backend page.

Assign a membership to the product

To read in detail about content settings, go to this page of the documentation.

Plan content list

If you have configured the membership plan and selected all elements included, click on “Save” button to save changes. Now, a complete list with selected elements for the membership is available in the bottom of the page.

Complete list of content

If you can see next to the element the name of the category it belongs to, this element has been added from the section “Planned items” together with all other elements in the same category.

Category content

Ajax delete element

This list of elements will be available to users in “My Account” page (if so set) or in any part of your site where you decide to show it through the shortcode. You can edit elements from this panel: click on “Add title”, drag and drop the block into the list to divide it into sections and give a name to the new section.

Section title

My Account page

You can also sort your elements differently and easily by simply dragging and dropping them.