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How to reply the review

Review replies can be managed through the option “Reply to review” which you can find in the Voting/Review settings tab.

Reply to review options

Choose one of the following options:

  • No one can reply
  • Only administrators can reply
  • Everyone can reply (every user)

In case you wanted to highlight all admin comments or people in charge of managing comments on products, we invite you to create a custom CSS solution for the concerned reviews.
In fact, the plugin assigns a class to the review container and specifies the username to which it has to be applied. You can see this also on our website:

Custom CSS

If you want to avoid replies on a specific review, you can do it by accessing the “reviews” section and clicking on “block reply” button in the related review.

Block reply

Another way to block replies is directly from the product page, by accessing the shop with admin capabilities.

Block review reply on product page