How to manage general settings of the plugin

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews improves the default review form provided by WooCommerce plugin and adds many new features to it. The plugin allows you to add a title and one or more attachments to each review left on the product page.
To allow this, it is necessary that the specific options have been enabled in the plugin settings panel, available at YIT Plugins > Advanced Reviews > General.

General settings, show attachments, import reviews, convert reviews

If both options have been enabled, the review form will appear like the one in the image below.

Review form

If you want to set a limit to the number of attachments that a user can send with the review, you can set a value in the option called “Multiple attachment limit”. If you do not want to set any restriction, set the value to zero.

Limit on number of attachments, import reviews, convert reviews

How to manage reviews with the free version of the plugin

If this is the first time you install the plugin YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews or if you have been using a previous version than 1.1.0, you first have to convert all reviews already registered to be able to manage them all.
Click on Convert reviews to do that.

Convert reviews

You can manage reviews in the section “Reviews”.

Manage reviews

By default, all reviews left by users are automatically published, without having to be approved first. However, the admin can edit both title and text of the review, by selecting it in the list shown above.
The review can be trashed or unapproved and so it will not show on the product page.

Remove review

How to set the layout

In section “Layout”, in the plugin settings panel, you can find a list of options that allow you to change color pattern applied to the review summary available on each product page.

Style options

Review table