In addition to the general settings, the plugin has a Tools tab available that allows you to clear different transients through the related buttons.


Some shortcodes show brands connected to certain categories of associated products and vice-versa.  To avoid calculating these connections every time, the plugin stores them in two transients:

  • Brands-Categories Transient:  it is used to clear the transient of Brands-        Categories connection     
  • Categories-Brands Transient: to clear the transient of Categories-Brands connection.

To apply the above-mentioned actions all at once, you can use the following tool:

  • YITH WCBR Transient: to clear the brands’ transients cache

WordPress stores the number of products belonging to a specific brand. By adding a new product, the calculation can result as outdated. In this case, you can force it with the following action:

Term counts: to recount product terms.