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The plugin also includes transient options in WooCommerce > Status > Tools.


Some shortcodes and blocks allows showing the brands of products in specific categories only and vice versa. To make sure this connection is not calculated every time by the plugin and speed up the time to render the shortcode, the plugin stores this connection in two transients:

  • Brands-Categories Transient:  it is used to clear the transient of Brands-        Categories connection     
  • Categories-Brands Transient: to clear the transient of Categories-Brands connection.

To clear and reset both connections, you can use the following tool:

  • YITH WCBR Transient: to clear all brands’ transients cache.

Additionally, WordPress stores the number of products belonging to a specific brand in a transient too. If you add a new product and the total products in the brand are not updating, you can reset and force the site to count them again by clearing the following transient:

  • Term counts: to recount product terms.