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Product Brand

The Product Brand is both a block and a shortcode that allows displaying the brand(s) associated with a specific product.


Following you find the options of the block.

  • Title: you can enter a custom title before this block
  • Product ID (leave empty to use global product): if you enter a specific product ID here, the brands associated with that product will be displayed. If you use this shortcode on a product page, you can leave this field empty and it will automatically show the brands of the product you are viewing.
  • Show logo: choose whether to show or hide the brand logo
  • Show title: choose whether to show or hide the brand name
Product brand

The same options are available in the shortcode as attributes. Below you find all the attributes and their accepted values.

Shortcode attributes are:

  • ‘title’: shortcode title
  • ‘product_id’: product ID that will be used to retrieve brands; leave empty to use the global product, if defined
  • ‘show_logo’: [yes/no] show or hide the brand logo
  • ‘show_title’: [yes/no] show or hide the brand name


[yith_wcbr_product_brand product_id="12345" show_logo="yes" show_title="yes"]