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Brand Thumbnails

The Brand Thumbnail is a block or shortcode that shows a list of all brands with a logo for each of them.


Following you find the options of the block.

  • Title: you can enter a custom title before this block
  • Paginate items: choose whether to paginate the items or not
  • Items per page: if you paginate items, you can choose how many items per page to show
  • Show only brands of the current category: enable this option to dinamically show only the brands of the current category. This option is useful if you are displaying this block on a category page or on a filtered page.
  • Enter the list of category slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all categories. This option overrides the previous option.
  • Enter the list of brand slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Enter the parent brand ID to show. All the sub-brands will be displayed. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Order by – choose here how to sort the displayed brands:
    • None
    • Name
    • Slug
    • Term ID
    • Description
  • Order – if any order option has been selected, choose whether to sort them:
    • Ascending
    • Descending
  • Hide brands with no products: choose whether or not to hide brands that do not include any product.
  • Hide brands with no image: choose whether to show or hide brands without a logo image.
  • Show brand name: choose whether to show or hide the brand name, so only the logo will show.
  • Show average rating for products of the brand: this will show a genearal rating calculated out of the reviews rating of all products of the same brand.
  • Columns: you can choose how many brands per row to show.
  • Shortcode style:
    • Default
    • Shadow
    • Boxed
    • Borderless
    • Top border
Brand thumbnails default style
Default style, with 4 columns

The same options are available in the shortcode as attributes. Below you find all the attributes and their accepted values.

  • ‘title’: shortcode title
  • ‘pagination’: [yes /no] enable/disable brand pagination
  • ‘autosense_category’: [yes / no] if set on ‘yes’, only brands associated to products available in the selected category will be shown in the category page.
  • ‘category’: [slug / all] show brands of one or more product categories; you can specify more category slugs and separate them with commas (shoes,jackets) or select them all by specifying the value ‘all’ in the attribute.
  • ‘per_page’: [int] number of brands to show at a time
  • ‘hide_empty’: [yes / no] it hides brands that have no products associated
  • ‘hide_no_image’: [yes / no] it hides brands that have no images associated
  • ‘cols’: [int] number of columns for displaying brands
  • ‘style’: [default / boxed / shadow / borderless / top-border] style for the shortcode


[yith_wcbr_brand_thumbnail title="Brand Thumbnail (default style)" pagination="no" per_page="6" hide_empty="no" hide_no_image="no" cols="2" style="default"]