Getting started with premium version

Go to YITH Plugins -> Brands to have access to the plugin settings dashboard.



  • Product brand taxonomy: allows you to select the type of taxonomy you want to use as brands for your products.
    • Default brand taxonomy: all entries in Product -> Brands will be treated as brands; For further details, scroll the page to the Brand creation entry.
    • Product categories: all product categories will be treated as brands and for this reason, for each of them, you can set an image to show in detail page and the redirect link for users who click on the category name.
    • Product tags: all tags created for products in your shop will be treated as brands. Therefore, what has been said for categories goes also for tags.
    • Attributes: the option Product brand taxonomy includes all product attributes created. You can handle just one attribute at a time if they are treated as brands.
  • Product brand taxonomy rewrite:¬†¬†allows you to change the taxonomy in the brand’s URL.
  • Single product brand position: you can choose where showing brands in the product detail page.
  • Single product brand content: allows you to choose the information of the brand that has to be shown to users in the product detail page: brand and logo name or just one of them.
  • Product brand position in loop page: brand position in your e-commerce shop page
  • Loop product brand content: brand details are shown to users in the shop page. As well as for the option Single product brand content, you can choose to display the following information for each brand: brand name and logo or just one of them.
  • Use brand default logo: allows you to upload a default logo that can be used, if the option is enabled, for all those brands that do not have any thumbnail image associated