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Brand Thumbnail Carousel

The Brand Thumbnail Carousel is a block or shortcode that shows a list of brands in a slider.


Following you find the options of the block.

  • Title: you can enter a custom title before this block
  • Paginate items: choose whether to paginate the items or not
  • Items per page: if you paginate items, you can choose how many items per page to show
  • Show only brands of the current category: enable this option to dinamically show only the brands of the current category. This option is useful if you are displaying this block on a category page or on a filtered page.
  • Enter the list of category slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all categories. This option overrides the previous option.
  • Enter the list of brand slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Enter the parent brand ID to show. All the sub-brands will be displayed. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Order by – choose here how to sort the displayed brands:
    • None
    • Name
    • Slug
    • Term ID
    • Description
  • Order – if any order option has been selected, choose whether to sort them:
    • Ascending
    • Descending
  • Hide brands with no products: choose whether or not to hide brands that do not include any product.
  • Hide brands with no image: choose whether to show or hide brands without a logo image.
  • Autoplay carousel on page load: this will automatically start the carousel when the page is loaded.
  • Loop carousel: if set to yes, the brands carousel will start again from the beginning once it displays the last brand. If set to no, it will simply stop after the last brand.
  • Slider direction: you can choose between horizontal and vertical.
  • Show slider dots: choose whether to show the slider navigation or not.
  • Carousel pagination style: choose between square or rounded dots.
  • Show prev/next buttons: show the arrows to let users move to the next or previous brand logo in the slider.
  • Prev/Next buttons style: square or rounded arrows.
  • Show brand name: choose whether to show or hide the brand name, so only the logo will show.
  • Show average rating for products of the brand: this will show a genearal rating calculated out of the reviews rating of all products of the same brand.
  • Columns: you can choose how many brands per row to show.
  • Shortcode style:
    • Default
    • Shadow
    • Boxed
    • Top border
    • Centered title
    • Square
    • Background
Brand thumbnail carousel with round dots and square arrows
Brand thumbnail carousel with round dots and square arrows

The same options are available in the shortcode as attributes. Below you find all the attributes and their accepted values.

  • ‘title’: shortcode title
  • ‘autosense_category’: [yes / no] if set on ‘yes’ only products associated to current category will be shown in the category page.
  • ‘category’: [slug / all] show brands of one or more product categories; you can specify more category slugs and separate them with commas (shoes,jackets) or select them all by specifying the value ‘all’ in the attribute.
  • ‘hide_empty’: [yes / no] it hides brands that have no products associated
  • ‘hide_no_image’: [yes / no] it hides brands that have no images associated
  • ‘direction’: [horizontal / vertical] sliding direction for the slider
  • ‘cols’: [int] number of brands to show at a time
  • ‘loop’: [yes /no] enable/disable looping continuously
  • ‘pagination’: [yes /no] enable/disable brand pagination
  • ‘pagination_style’: [round /square] graphic style of the pagination
  • ‘prev_next’: [yes /no] show/hide navigation buttons: ‘prev’ and ‘next’
  • ‘prev_next_style’: [round / square] style for ‘prev’ and ‘next’ buttons
  • ‘show_name’: [yes / no] show/hide brand name
  • ‘show_rating’: [yes / no] show/hide rating for each brand
  • ‘style’: [default / top-border / shadow / centered-title / boxed / squared / background] shortcode graphic style


[yith_wcbr_brand_thumbnail_carousel title="Brand Thumbnail Carousel (style 2)" hide_empty="no" hide_no_image="no" direction="horizontal" cols="4" pagination="yes" pagination_style="round" prev_next="yes" prev_next_style="square" show_name="no" show_rating="no" style="shadow"]