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Brands Filter

The Brands Filter is a block or shortcode that shows a complete list of all brands and gives you the possibility to filter them by name.

Brands filter

Below, you find the options of the block.

  • Title: you can enter a custom title before this block
  • Paginate items: choose whether to paginate the items or not
  • Items per page: if you paginate items, you can choose how many items per page to show
  • Show only brands of the current category: enable this option to dinamically show only the brands of the current category. This option is useful if you are displaying this block on a category page or on a filtered page.
  • Enter the list of category slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all categories. This option overrides the previous option.
  • Enter the list of brand slugs (separated with a comma) to show. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Enter the parent brand ID to show. All the sub-brands will be displayed. Leave empty to show all brands.
  • Order by – choose here how to sort the displayed brands:
    • None
    • Name
    • Slug
    • Term ID
    • Description
  • Order – if any order option has been selected, choose whether to sort them:
    • Ascending
    • Descending
  • Show filters: choose whether to show or not letter filters just below the title.
  • Show reset button: this will display a reset button, to quicky reset the filter.
  • Show all filters or just filters with content (that include at least one brand).
  • Show items count for each brand: this allows you to show a counter with the total number of products in each brand.
  • Hide brands with no products: choose whether or not to hide brands that do not include any product.
  • Shortcode style:
    • Default
    • Big header
    • Small header
    • Shadow
    • Boxed
    • Highlight
  • Highlight color selector (available only for the Hightlight style and if the Show items count is enabled): this is the accent color of the counter items.
Brands with filters with content only
Brands with filters with content only

The same options are available in the shortcode as attributes. Below you find all the attributes and their accepted values.

  • ‘title’: shortcode title
  • ‘pagination’: [yes / no] enable/disable brand pagination
  • ‘per_page’: [int] brands shown at a time per page
  • ‘autosense_category’: [yes / no]  if set to ‘yes’ it only shows the brands of the current category.
  • ‘category’: [ids / all] it shows one or more product categories; you can specify more than one category slug and separate them using commas (10,20,12) or select them all by specifying the value ‘all’ for the attribute.
  • ‘show_filter’: [yes / no] it allows brand filter
  • ‘show_reset’: [yes / no] it allows filter reset
  • ‘show_all_letters’: [yes / no] it shows all letters to filter brands by name
  • ‘show_count’: [yes / no] show the amount of products associated to each brand
  • ‘hide_empty’: [yes / no] it hides brands that have no products associated
  • ‘style’: [default / big-header / small-header / shadow / boxed / highlight] style to assign to the shortcode
  • ‘highlight_color’: code for the colour to assign to the text in the shortcode (available only if ‘highlited’ style is selected)


[yith_wcbr_brand_filter title="Brand Filter (default style)" pagination="no" show_filter="yes" show_reset="yes" show_all_letters="yes" show_count="yes" hide_empty="yes" style="default" highlight_color="#ffd900"]