Brand Product shortcode

The shortcode Brand Product shows shop products that are associated to one or more brands.
Shortcode attributes are the following:

  • ‘title’: shortcode title
  • ‘per_page’: [int] number of products to show per page; enter “-1” if you do not want product pagination
  • ‘pagination’: [yes /no] enable/disable brand pagination
  • ‘cols’: [int] number of columns for displaying brands
  • ‘brand’: [slug / all] product brands to show. You can specify more brand names by adding their slugs and separate them with commas or just specify ‘all’ if you want to show them all.
  • ‘category’: [categories] a list of valid comma-separated category slugs, if you want to filter brands by product cat
  • ‘product_type’: [featured / on_sale / all] type of products to display
  • ‘orderby’: [rand / date / title / price / sales] sorting criteria for displayed products (random, date, name, price, discount)
  • ‘order’: [asc / desc] sorting direction (ascending or descending) subordinated to sorting criteria specified in the attribute ‘orderby’
  • ‘hide_free’: [yes / no] hide free products
  • ‘show_hidden’: [yes / no] show/hide ‘hidden’ products
  • ‘show_brand_box’ [yes / no] show/hide box shown on top of the shortcode where all brands are listed


[yith_wcbr_brand_product pagination="yes" per_page="12" cols="4" product_type="all" orderby="rand" order="DESC" hide_free="no" show_hidden="no" show_brand_box="yes" brand="yith-shirts,yith-music,globe"]

Brand Products shortcode