How to import a list of brands

To import a list of brands that you have stored in a CSV file, click on “Tools > Import > YITH BRANDS”

Import CSV File

Import settings

This is a typical brand csv file header:
Let’s proceed field by field

  • id: unique term id for the current brand (it is included just for reference, and will not be used by the importer)
  • name: brand name
  • slug: brand formatted slug, for pretty permalinks
  • description: (optional) text brand description
  • parent: (optional) parent brand slug; please, note that parent should always appear before its child, otherwise dependencies will be lost
  • base_siste_url: (optional – required only if images are specified) export site base URL; this is essential for image import. If you want to import also brand images and logos, you’ll have to upload them on a webserver and specify their URL into this field; potentially, it may be a different site for each brand, if you wish so.
  • thumbnail: (optional) brand image URL; it can be absolute or relative to the base URL provided for the current brand
  • banner: (optional) similar to thumbnail, an absolute or relative URL pointing to banner image
  • custom_url: (optional) the URL used when generating term anchors (if you leave it blank, they will point to default archive page)