Getting started with the free version

Brand creation

To create one or more brands, click on Brands that you can find in menu entry Products.

Brands section

Fill out the required fields to set a new brand.

  • Name: brand name to show to users.
  • Slug: slug associated to the brand.
  • Parent: parent brand of the current brand.
  • Description: brand description, shown in the brand detail page.
  • Thumbnail: image associated to the brand.

Associate brand to product

If you have already created your brands, the only thing you have to do now is to assign them to your products.
Enter WooCommerce product detail page and select the brand you want to associate from section Brands as shown in the image below.

Select brand edit product page

In product detail page, brands will be shown immediately after the list with categories to which that product belongs.

Product detail page

Brand detail page

To access a brand detail page, click on its name on the product detail page.

Brand detail page

The brand detail page contains a description of the brand and products associated to it.