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General settings

In the tab General settings, you will find all the global options available for your filters. Let’s analyze them together:

How to show Apply filters button

Apply filter button on frontend

  • Filter mode: decide to apply filters in Ajax or show the Apply filter button to get results;

  • Show results:  select if you want to load the results on the same page by using AJAX or load them on a new page;
  • Hide empty terms: enable if you want to hide empty terms from the filters section;
  • Hide out of stock products: enable if you want to exclude out-of-stock products from results;
  • Show reset button: enable if you want to show a Reset filters button to let users quickly reset the selections applied; (see image below)
  • Reset button position: choose the position where to show the Reset filters button; (see image below)Reset filters button on frontend
  • Show reset above each filter: enable to show a button above each filter to clear the selection applied;

How to show reset button on each filter

Reset button for filters on frontend

  • Show active filters as labels: enable if you want to show the currently selected filters as labels; it is also possible to remove any active filter;
  • Active filters labels position: choose the position where to show the filter labels;

How to show active filters as labels

Active filter labels on frontend

  • Show titles for active filter labels: enable if you want to show a label for each group of active filters;

How to show titles for active filters

Active filters titles on frontend

  • Scroll to top after filtering: enable if you want the page to automatically scroll up whenever a filter is selected. In this way, your users will always be able to see the list of filtered items starting from the top without missing any product;

Scroll to top after filtering




  • Show as modal on mobile: enable if you want to show the filter section as a modal on mobile devices to make the filtering easier.

How to show a modal for filter section on mobile devices


Filter section modal on mobile Filter section modal on mobile