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General options

In the tab General options, you will find all the global options available for your filters. Let’s analyze them together:

General options

Filter mode options
  • Filter mode: decide to apply filters in Ajax or show the Apply filters button to get results;
Apply filters button
Apply filters button
  • Filter mode (horizontal): choose whether to show the “save” button or immediately filter results for the horizontal layout;
Save button (horizontal layout)
Save button
General options
  • Show results:  select if you want to load the results on the same page by using AJAX or load them on a new page;
  • Hide empty terms: enable if you want to hide empty terms from the filters section;
  • Hide out of stock products: enable if you want to exclude out-of-stock products from results;
  • Show “Clear” above each filter: enable if you want to show a button to reset the filters to let users quickly start a new selection;
Show Clear link
  • Show as modal on mobile: enable if you want to show the filter section as a modal on mobile devices to make the filtering easier;
Filter section modal on mobile 1
Filter section modal on mobile 2
  • Scroll top after filtering: enable if you want the page to automatically scroll up whenever a filter is selected. In this way, your users will always be able to see the list of filtered items starting from the top without missing any product.

Active filters options

In this section, you can configure the global options for the active filters.

Active filters options
  • Show active filters as labels: enable if you want to show the currently selected filters as labels; it is also possible to remove any active filter;
Active filters example
  • Active filters labels position: choose the position where to show the filter labels;
Active filters position
  • Show titles for active filter labels: enable if you want to show a label for each group of active filters;
Active filters titles

Reset button

In this section, you can configure the global options for the reset button.

Reset button options
  • Show reset button: enable to show the rest button through which users can easily reset the selected filters;
Reset button
  • Reset button position: choose whether to show the reset button
    • Before filters
    • After filters
    • Above products list
    • Inline with active filters