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From the tab Customization, you can customize texts, colors, and style of the filter options.

Global options

  • Filters area title: enter the title that will define the “AJAX filter Preset” filter;
  • Filters area colors: choose the color for titles, background, and accent color;
  • Options style: choose the style to apply to filters from Theme style and Custom style.

Color swatches

Color swatches
  • Color swatch style: choose the style for the thumbnails from Rounded and Square;
  • Color swatch size: enter the size for thumbnails.

Labels & text

Label & text
  • Labels style color: choose the colors for labels background, background hover, background active, text, text hover, text active;
  • Textual terms color: choose the colors for textual terms (text, text hover, text active).

Ajax loader

Ajax loader
  • AJAX loader: choose the style for the Ajax loader icon from the default one or a custom loader;
  • Custom AJAX loader (available if Upload custom loader is enabled): upload the icon to use as the custom loader.