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Options included in the SEO section allow the admin to improve indexing when using filters, both to avoid common problems, such as duplicated content and to allow changing URLs used for filters.

SEO options
  • Enable SEO option: enable to make the meta tag “robots” appear in the tag <head> of the page, in case there is an active filter;
  • Meta tag: select which tag to use on filtered pages by choosing from disabled; noindex,nofollow; noindex,follow; index, nofollow and index,follow;
  • Add “nofollow” to filter anchors: enable if you want to add the attribute

    rel=”nofollow” to all the filter anchors across the plugin;

  • URL permalinks: choose how to manage the page permalinks from: Add filters parameters to default URLor keep the URL unchanged. By applying filters with the option Add filters parameters to default URL, the filtered page will have an URL similar to this: