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The plugin is ready to use with the block editor. When creating a new post or page, you will be able to find our YITH blocks. With a simple click, they will be added to your page.

Gutenberg blocks

Below you find the list of available YITH blocks and what they are for:

  1. YITH AJAX Filters Preset
  2. YITH Reset Filters Button

Please note: YITH AJAX Filter Preset and YITH Reset Filters Button will be visible only with active filters.

1. YITH AJAX Filters Preset

This block renders the selected preset into any page.

YITH AJAX Filters Preset block

If, for example, we select the “Woman preset”, it will look like the following example:

Filters preset example

2. YITH Reset Filters Button

This block shows the rest filters button when a filter is applied and the button is enabled in the General options of the plugin (you can click here to read more information about the Reset button options).

Reset filters block

This block is useful when the “Reset button position” option won’t work for your product’s loop.