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Filter presets

The plugin allows the creation of unlimited groups of filters (presets) that you can show on different product and category pages or on custom pages.

It already includes a default preset that you will find after installing and activating the plugin in the section Filter presets.

Default presetThis preset includes filters whose settings can be changed according to your needs.

Filters included in preset

To start creating new presets, click on Add preset.

Add presetFor each preset you create, you can insert a title to easily identify it when checking the list.

Each preset of filters created can be enabled/disabled through the related button.

Enable-Disable presets

Vertical or horizontal style

The option Preset layout allows you to choose the style to use to show your filter presets.

Vertical and horizontal layout

The default layout shows the filters vertically and can be used in sidebars like in the image below. You can use the filter presets in sidebars through widget, Gutenberg blocks and Elementor.

Default layout

Otherwise, if you want to show your filters horizontally, just select the horizontal layout and the result will be as shown below. For further details about the horizontal style, please refer to this page.

Horizontal layout

Preset filters

You can then start choosing the filters to include by clicking on the button Add new filters in the section Filters of this preset.
This allows the creation of different filters based on the page on which you want to show them and configure the available options we will analyze below:

Add new filter

Each filter can be shown as a toggle, closed or opened, by activating the option Toggle style.

How to show filter as a toggle

Opened toggle
Closed toggle