YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

This documentation page contains a complete list of widgets you can use with the premium version of YITH WoOCommerce Ajax Product Filter.
In YITH > Ajax Product Filter > Front End tab, you can set up also the following two options:
  • Order by: here you can choose how to sort items shown in the filter, by the highest number of products, alphabetically or as by default in WooCommerce.
  • Filter style: here you can choose the style of the filters in the widget, with an X before the text or as checkboxes.Checkboxes

Pay attention: the plugin works only in WooCommerce pages. We suggest you not to enable it in different pages.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter widget works on attributes that are set up in “Products -> Attributes”. For this reason, before adding a widget in side, you need to verify you set up your shop and products attributes.


Once you have completed attribute and product configuration in your shop, you can also switch to the following step and add the widget YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter into a sidebar.

This widget can be added more than once in the same sidebar

You can configure the widget using the following options:

  • Title: widget title.
  • Attribute: product attribute to display (among those created in Products > Attributes).
  • Query Type: type of query to apply to the widget when it is added twice in the same sidebar, to give users the possibility to apply different filters at the same time:
    • AND: show only products that satisfy both conditions set by the user through filters applied;
    • OR: search returns all products that satisfy at least one of the conditions set by the user through filter applied.
  • Type:
    • List: default value, it is a list of attributes belonging to the selected type in the option “Attribute”
    • Color: list of colour boxes associated to each element of the selected attribute in the option “Attribute”
    • Label: list of labels associated to each attribute value selected in the option “Attribute”
    • Dropdown: select menu that shows all values of attribute selected in the option “Attribute”
    • Categories: list of product categories
    • BiColor: list of two-coloured boxed, to be used for colour attributes set with two different colours at the same time.
    • Tags: complete list of product tags that you have added in Products > Attributes and associated to your products.
    • Brand: if you are also using the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On, you can select the entry “Brand” and allow your users to filter products according to the brand.
      YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On
  • Attribute: choose one of the attributes created in “Products > Attributes” for the widget
  • Show widget dropdown: enable this option to display the widget using the style Dropdown and decide to show it open or closed when the page is loaded, using the option Dropdown style.


Type "List"
Type "List" view


Type "Color"
Type "Color" view


Type "Label"
Type "Label" view


Type "Dropdown"
Type "Dropdown" view


Filter by categories
Filter by categories view


Type Bicolor
Bicolor view


Tag view

If the products have been filtered by category and/or tag, you can allow the user to refresh the initial view by enabling the Show “All Tags” link and “Show “All categories” link entries that you find inside the “Settings” tab of the plugin: unlike the “Reset filter” widget, which completely resets all the applied filters, these entries allow to cancel the filter applied on tags and/or categories.

Show all categories
See all categories

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter

The widget YITH WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter allows users to reset filters applied to shop product page and to come back to come back to initial view.
The widget is shown to users only if they have applied at leas one product filter in the page.

Reset filter

Ajax Reset Filter view

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Sort By

The widget YITH WooCommerce Ajax Sort By, available only with the premium version of the plugin, allows you to sort products in shop page:

  • by number of sales
  • by rating
  • by publishing date
  • by price.

Sort by

Sort by view

WooCommerce Price Filter

In YITH > Ajax Product Filter > Settings tab, you can change some of the additional settings for “WooCommerce Price Filter” widget.

price filter settings
Filter by price view
  • Ajax Loader: select the icon image for the loader displayed when users apply a filter to products in the page.
  • Ajax WooCommerce Price Filter: if you enable this option, the widget “WooCommerce Price Filter” will work in ajax, instead of re-uploading the page as by default.
  • WooCommerce Price Filter Slider: this option allows you to make the “WooCommerce Price Filter” dynamic: users can move the mouse pointer on the price bar and define the minimum and maximum price to filter products. If left disabled, users will be able to enter a custom value for both the minimum and the maximum price.
  • Instant WooCommerce Price Filter slider: this option allows using “WooCommerce price filter” with the ajax slider without “Filter” button. No need to click on Filter every time, the filters update automatically on every change.
  • Dropdown for WooCommerce Price Filter: it allows showing the widget “WooCommerce Price Filter” as a dropdown.
  • Open/Close for WooCommerce Price Filter: if the widget is given the style “dropdown”, this option allows you to show the widget either open or closed whenever the page is loaded.