Advanced badge

advanced badge options

Advanced badges have a pre-set style for which you can change text color and background color. The peculiarity of this type of badges is that they can be used only for “On sale” products and the discount percentage displayed is automatically derived from values in regular price and sale price for each product.
In addition to the discount percentage, some badges also show the actual sum (currency value) discounted from the product and allow users to learn how much they are saving on that product purchase.
Let’s make an example. We’ll set a “regular price” of 10£ and for “sale price” of 3£ to one of our products . The discount percentage will be 70% and the discounted sum 7£. This is what the badge might look like:

advanced badge

Variable products

By default, the “advanced badge” will only be shown if all the configured variations have the same discount percentage.
However, this behavior can change based on its settings in “Show advanced badges in variable products”.

advanced badges

As an alternative, you can decide to show the minimum or maximum discount percentage among all the available variations.
Please note: The badge will not be displayed if you have decided to show the minimum discount percentage and you haven’t set any discount on one of the variations.