Create badges

Create badges

Badges are created and changed within the custom post-type Badges.


To create a new badge, just click on “Add Badge” and you’ll see a screen like this one.

add badge

The plugin gives you the possibility to create two different types of badges: Text badge and Image badge.
Let’s analyse them separately.

Text badge

text badge free

  • Text: set text displayed in the badge
  • Text Color: set the colour of the text displayed in the badge
  • Background Color: set the background colour of the badge
  • Size: set width and height (pixel) of your custom badge
  • Position: set the position of the badge in the featured image
    • top-left
    • top-right
    • bottom-left
    • bottom-right

Here you see how the badge appears when applied to the product.

text-badge example

Image Badge

image badge free

Type “Image Badge” allows you to select one of the 4 badges ready and at your disposal. In addition to this, you can select the position where you want the badge to appear on the featured image of the product.

image-badge example


Select badge in product

The plugin activation adds a new option to the product detail page, through which it is possible to associate the badge to the product. Go to “Select Badge” and select one among the badges you have created.

select badge free

General options

general options

In YITH Plugins -> Badge Management you find the following options:

  • “Hide “On sale” badge”: removes the “On sale” badge that WooCommerce automatically applies to products on sale.
  • “Hide in sidebars”: hide the badges in sidebars and widgets.
  • “Product Badge overrides default on sale badge”: hide WooCommerce default “On Sale” badge when the product has another badge

If you assign a badge to a product on sale, your badge will be displayed instead of WooCommerce standard one.