Create badges

Create badges

Badges are created and changed within the custom post-type Badges.


To create a new badge, just click on “Add Badge” and you’ll see a screen like this one.

add badge

The plugin gives you the possibility to create two different types of badges: Text badge and Image badge.
Let’s analyse them separately.

Text badge

text badge free

  • Text: set text displayed in the badge
  • Text Color: set the colour of the text displayed in the badge
  • Background Color: set the background colour of the badge
  • Size: set width and height (pixel) of your custom badge
  • Position: set the position of the badge in the featured image
    • top-left
    • top-right
    • bottom-left
    • bottom-right

Here you see how the badge appears when applied to the product.

text-badge example

Image Badge

image badge free

Type “Image Badge” allows you to select one of the 4 badges ready and at your disposal. In addition to this, you can select the position where you want the badge to appear on the featured image of the product.

image-badge example