How to apply a badge

The plugin allows assigning the badge to single products or in bulk mode and to assign the same badge to all products of a specific category.
Furthermore, you can also select one or more badges that will be automatically assigned to the newest products, the ones on sale and/or set as “featured”.
You can simultaneously apply different badges on the same product.

Single product

To assign a badge to a specific product of the shop, go to its editing page and select one of the badges you created, in “Product Badge” field.

single product association

Also, you can schedule when the badge appears and specify the start and end date to show it.

schedule badge

In case you want to hide the badge in product detail page, enable “Hide on Single Product” field that you find in the plugin settings dashboard.

How to edit badges

If you need to add or remove badges from a product, you can easily do it through the quick edit option of the related product.

Automatic association

The plugin allows organizing badge assigning in a dynamic way if the product has one of the following conditions:

  • Recent products badge: product has been published since a pre-set number of days
  • On sale badge: product is on sale
  • Featured badge: product is set as “featured”
  • Out of stock badge: product is currently out-of-stock
  • Low stock badge: product is almost out-of-stock

To select the badges to use in the above-mentioned conditions, go to YITH Plugins -> Badge Management -> Settings.

automatic badge

“On sale” WooCommerce badge

The “On Sale” badge that WooCommerce applies to all on sale products of the shop by default, can be hidden by default or only if another badge created with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management has been applied to that product.
In order to do so, go to YITH Plugins > Badge Management and enable the specific options.

on sale badge

  • Hide “On sale” badge:
  • Product Badges overrides default on sale badge: Select if you want to hide the WooCommerce default “On Sale” badge when the product has another badge.