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Enable Waiting List

You can activate the plugin’s features by enabling the option Enable Waiting List, a button will be added in every product detail page so your customers can be added to a waiting list and receive an email when the product will be back in stock.

Enable waiting list

The button will show on the product page of products that are out of stock in the following way:

Waiting list button

This plugin allows you to send automatic emails to the customers subscribed to the waiting list once the product is back in stock.

It supports also variable products, if one specific variation is out of stock, users can subscribe to a specific list and get notified as soon as that product variation is back in stock.

Set Default Messages

Set subscription message

Subscription message

This is the message you want to show to your users when they register to the waiting list for the related product.

Your customers will see this in the following way:

Subscription message on frontend

You can also request confirmation when users subscribe to a waiting list by enabling YITH Waiting List Subscription Opt In Email in the Email settings section of the plugin. In this way, users will receive an email after registering to a waiting list to confirm their subscription.

Set removal message

The message you set here is shown to your customers on the detail page of the product when they leave the waiting list with the related button on the page.

Removal message

Your customers will see this in the following way:

Removal message on frontend


Set error message

Here you can set the error message that your customers see when the subscription to the waiting list of a product that is out of stock does not work correctly. You can find an example below.

Error message





Email Settings

Automatic Email Sending

This option lets you activate the automatic dispatching of the emails for those customers registered to a waiting list of your shop. When you change the availability of a product from Out of Stock to In Stock, an email will be automatically sent to all the registered users of the related waiting list, without the need to click on the “Send the email to the users” button that you can find in the product page of Woocommerce.Emails

If you want to notify only a certain number of users according to the units available after restocking the products, you must enable the option Send it only to some users, based on the stock value. In this way, if you restock the product with 5 items, only the first 5 users who added that product to the waiting list will receive the email notification.


And it will be received by your customers in the following way:

back in stock message

Available emails

In the Email Settings section, you will find all the emails available to be sent to the customer and admin.

Waiting List emails

For each email, you will have the possibility to set the content and use the related placeholders.

Email placeholders

The placeholders for In stock email are the following:

  • {blogname}: the name of the blog
  • {site_title}: the name of the site
  • {product_title}: the product name
  • {product_price}: the price of the product
  • {product_link}: the product link

The placeholders for Subscription Opt-in email are the following:

  • {blogname}: the name of the blog
  • {site_title}: the name of the site
  • {product_title}: the product name
  • {product_price}: the price of the product
  • {confirm_link}: the link to confirm the subscription

The placeholders for Subscription email are the following:

  • {blogname}: the name of the blog
  • {site_title}: the name of the site
  • {product_title}: the product name
  • {product_price}: the price of the product
  • {remove_link}: the link to be removed from the list

The placeholders for Admin email are the following:

  • {blogname}: the name of the blog
  • {site_title}: the name of the site
  • {product_title}: the product name
  • {product_price}: the price of the product
  • {user_email}: the email of the user

Keep the list after email

After contacting the customers subscribed to the waiting list about the product being back in stock, you can choose to enable keep the list after email.                   This option gives you the freedom to avoid deleting the “waiting lists” of your customers of a certain product, even after the sending of the “in stock” email.
This lets you send the email in the future, and have the list available in the Waiting list Checklist section of the plugin.

Keep the list after email


Double opt-in for logged users

By default, logged users are not required to confirm their registration to a waiting list. However, you can change this behavior by enabling the option Enable Double Opt-in also for logged in customers available in Settings->General options.

Double opt-in


Ajax form

The option Enable AJAX form that you find in Settings->General options, allows adding the product to the waiting list in Ajax.

Enable Ajax form


Mandrill Options

The Mandrill options are the options to use Mandrill service to send emails. You can enable this option in the ”Mandrill Options”.
You will also find a text area where you can set the API key, that is mandatory to use the Mandrill email service.




Exclusion list

The Exclusion List is a list where the admin can add products that are excluded from the waiting list feature.

Exclusion list

All products listed in it are excluded from the waiting list behavior.
For example, I inserted my two products the YITH Car and YITH Mug on the exclusion list.
Although these two products go out of stock, no button will be shown.
Customers will not be able to subscribe to a waiting list for these two products.

Invert Exclusion List

The Invert Exclusion setting allows you to use the elements in the exclusion list as the active ones. This option is used to invert the logic of the exclusion list so the products in the exclusions will be the only products with an active waiting list feature.

Invert exclusion

If you enable this option, you choose to apply the waiting list features only to products listed in the exclusion list.
Relative to the previous example, The waiting list button will show only on the YITH Car and YITH Mug (when they are out of stock).

Waiting List Checklist

Admin side

In the ”waiting list checklist”  you can see a report of the products that have a waiting list.



You will find the following buttons there:

  • Delete waiting list: remove the waiting list
  • View users: view all users associated with the waiting list
  • Send email: send immediately an email to all customers subscribed to the waiting list, to say that the product has come back in stock

By clicking on the “View users” button you will access a section where you can manually add a customer to the waiting list, remove an existing customer and manually send the “In Stock” email to a single customer. You’ll also have the option to export users in CSV.

Add new users

User side

Logged in users can check all their waiting lists from My Account area. Here they will find a list with all the products they’ve registered to and can remove their email address from each product’s list by simply clicking on the Leave button next to it.


The same button is also visible on the product detail page, so if users want to opt out, they can click on the Leave button below the product and their email address will be removed from the list.

Leave waiting list


Waiting List Importer

To import a list of customers’ emails from a CSV file to a waiting list, you must go the section Waiting List Importer.

As a first step, you must select the product of the waiting list for which you want to import the file and click on Continue.

Waiting List Importer

Now you can upload the CSV file and, if needed, overwrite the existing waiting list by enabling the related option.

Waiting List Importer 2


Now choose the column you want to use as customers emails from those available and click on Run the importer.

Waiting list importer 4


Once the import is completed successfully, you will see a message like the one below.

Waiting list importer 5



Style options

In the plugins options panel, you’ll find the options to customize the texts and style of the messages and buttons added by the plugin.

Go to YITH > Waiting List > Style and you’ll see a list of options.

The first one you is about the text shown on the product page before the field where customers can enter their email address. The default text is ‘Notify me when the item is back in stock‘ and you can customize it as you prefer.

You can also change the font colour and size of this text in the following options.

Style options


Notification style

Below, you’ll find the options to customize the style of the Subscription button. The default text is ‘Add to waiting list‘, but you can customize the text and colours.

Style options 2

Don’t forget to inform your customers that they have been successfully added to the waiting list and set a successful registration message, that can be set in the General settings tab and will look like this:

Subscription messageSubscription message on frontend

Leave waiting list button

Style options 3

On the bottom of the page, you can set a message for the button that allows your users to remove their address from the waiting list. The default text is ‘Leave Waiting List‘ and also for this one you can customize text and colours.

leave waiting list customer view

As well as for when users subscribe, don’t forget to configure a message that confirms the action has been successfully performed and that their email address has been removed from the waiting list. Set up the message in the plugin general settings:

This is how it will look like:


Removal message on frontend


List of subscribed products


This shortcode allows you to show a list with all the products subscribed by the user.

Add to waiting list product form

[ywcwtl_form product_id=""]

This one lets you print the form through which users can subscribe to the waiting list of one product
You can enter the product ID to show the subscription code of a specific product. Leave it empty to automatically detect the product.

GDPR compliance

This plugin is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In particular, before being added to a waiting list, the user must have the choice to thick a checkbox with a link to the Privacy Policy.

To enable this checkbox, just go to YITH > Waiting List > Settings and activate the option Enable Privacy checkbox.



When enabled, you will also be able to see a text box, where you can add your custom text to show next to the checkbox. You can also include the shortcode [terms] and [privacy_policy].

Here is an example of how the checkbox appears, right next to the Add to waiting list button.

Privacy checkbox


Moreover, if the customer clicks on the Add to waiting list button, without enabling the checkbox, they will get an error that invites them to tick the Privacy Policy box.

Privacy message


If you want to enable this checkbox also for logged-in users, you can do that by enabling the Double opt-in option for logged-in users. Please, refer to this page for more details.