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How To Enable The Waiting List

You can activate the plugin’s features by enabling the option Enable Waiting List, a button will be added in every product detail page so your customers can be added to a waiting list and receive an email when the product will be back in stock.

Waiting list free settings

Notification message: here you can customize the text that informs users about the possibility to register to a specific product waiting list.

Add button label: this is the text of the button that allows them to reigster to a specific waiting list.

Remove button label: this is the text of the button that allows users to unsubscribe from a waiting list they subscribed before.

Successful registration message: this is the confirmatoin text shown to users who subscribe to a specific product waiting list.

Below you find an example of how users can subscribe to the waiting list by adding themselves to the waiting list for products that are out of stock.

add to waitinglist


Email Sending Settings

On the administrative side, the plugin adds a button in the product page that can be used by the administrators of the store to communicate that the specific product is available again to the customers that subscribed to the waiting list.

email settings

You can also fill in the content of the email on this page:

email content

For your customers receiving this message it will look the following way:

back in stock message

The email sending for the free version is only possible manually by the admin from the product edit page, as you can see down here.

email sending free version