Redeeming points

How can customers redeem their points? They will automatically see a message that informs them about how many points they have and the corresponding discount they can have on the next purchase. The message will be visibile on Cart page and they can decide whether to use them or not.

But, let’s see first, how to set up the rewarding conversion rules first.

In the Points settings tab, scroll down to the second section, where you can see the following options.

As you can see, the options are similar to the ones for points awarding, but they refer to the conversion of points into discount.

Enable points redemption: turn this on if you want that your users can use their points to get automatically notified of an available discount in Cart. Please, note: if you don’t enable this option, your users will not be able to redeem their points.

Reward conversion method: here you can choose what the conversion should be like:

  • Fixed price discount: this option lets you convert points into a fixed price discount. For example, every 10 points give 5$ discount.
  • Percentage discount: this options lets you convert points into a percent discount in cart. For example, every 50 points give a 30% off.

Reward conversion rate: Here you can enter the rule. This option updates dynamically based on the previous settings (fixed or percent discount).
Based on the selected method, the plugin will save different options, so whenever you want to switch you’ll be able to find your previous settings.

User roles enabled to redeem points: here you can choose which roles are enabled to redeem points. Leave All to allow everyone, or pick some roles if you want to restrict the redemption only to some of them.

Assign different amounts of points based on the user role: here you can set a different conversion rate based on the user role.

Considering the above image as an example, you customers get a 30% discount in cart if they use 50 points, but shop managers get a 40% off.

Please, note: If more rules apply to the same user, only one will apply: this why you can set priority in the above section and choose one of the following options:

  • Use the rule with highest rewards: apply the rule that grants your users the highest reward (general reward settings included).
  • Use the rule with lowest rewards: apply the rule that grants your users the lowest reward (general reward settings included).

  • Automatically redeem points on Cart/Checkout page: enable this option to make sure that points are automatically used to offer a discount if the redemption conditions apply.

An example of points redemption

This is an example of how your users will be invited to use their points to get a discount.


Clicking on Apply Discount will let them choose whether to use the maximum number of points available or to use less points:


Changing from 89 to 50 points will only apply a $50 discount.