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YITH Membership

YITH Membership allows you to restrict access to specific sections of your e-commerce so only member users will be able to see them.

Thanks to the integration with YITH Points and Rewards, you can create specific rules and make sure that member users can earn a different number of points (for example, “Gold” members can earn double points).

If you want to make sure that only users with a specific membership plan can earn points or a different amount of points, then, you have to configure a specific rule from the Points rules.

In the Apply rule to select Users with a membership plan and then select the plan (in our screenshot this rule applies to Gold users only).

Membership integration - points rules

Example: if we want that Gold users earn double points this is how we should configure the rule from Points rules.

Points rule for membership

The same applies to the Redeem rules, where you will be able to see the User with a membership plan option in the Apply rule to.

Example: you can choose to let Gold users get a 1$ discount every 1 point when redeeming their points.

Membership integration in redeem rules

Extra points for members

Additionally, you can also assign extra points to users who join a specific membership plan.

If both plugins are activated, you will be able to find an additional dropdown rule in the Extra points subtab (YITH > Points and Rewards > Points options > Extra points) called Extra points for members of specific plans.

Extra points for members

You can create multiple rules for each membership plan in your shop.