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Points redeeming rules

From this section, you can create custom rules that override the global redeeming options and assign this rule to specific users and user roles and also to specific categories or products.

Redeem rules settings
  • Rule name: enter a name to identify this rule.
  • Priority: in case more than one rule applies to the same product, the rule with higher priority will apply. Priority 1 is the highest.

Important note about the priority. The priority order works only among rules of the same type. You can have three types of rules: product rules, category rules and global rules. Product rules are always highest priority, then category rules and finally global rules. Within each rule type, you can set a priority order, but you cannot change the basic order as product rules always win over category rules and category rules always win over global rules.

Only one rule applies, so, when multiple rules apply to the same product, if there are product rules set, the plugin will take the product rule with highest priority.
If only the category and global rules apply, the plugin will apply the category rule with highest priority.
If only the global rules apply, the plugin will apply the global rule with higher priority.

So, when creating the rules, we suggest you add a note in the name to the type of rule. Like this:

Renaming rules
  • Rule type: you can either choose to apply the discount by using the redeem conversion rate or a redeem max discount rate. Based on the selection, the options will change, so, let’s check them one after the other.

Redeem conversion rate

When you select the Redeem conversion rate you will be able to set up a conversion rule from points to discount.

So, for example, as in the image below, you can set that 100 Points = 1 $ (USD) discount and if I have a total of 1000 points, you can get a maximum of 10$ discount.

Redeem conversion rate

Apply rule to: finally, you can decide to apply this rule to:

  • all users
  • specific user roles or
  • users with a specific points level.
Apply rule to user levels

Example: your shop’s global conversion rate is 10 points = 1$ discount, but you want to give a double discount to “Top” level users.
You can create a rule, where the conversion rate is 5 points = 1$ discount and assign the rule to “Top” level only.

Redeem max discount rate

When choosing this option, you will be able to apply a maximum discount restriction to the discount your customers can get.

Redeeming rule options

These rules override the global “Redeeming restrictions”.

  • Max discount type: you can either make sure that the maximum discount is calculated from the global discount settings or as a fixed amount that you can set in this rule. So choose from:
    • Set a % max discount based on the global max discount. e.g. with a global max discount of 50$, if you set a max discount of 10% for this product, the user will get a max discount of 5$ for this product.
    • Set a fixed max discount value. e.g. max 5$ of discount for this product.
  • Apply rule to these products: this allows you to apply the maximum discount restriction to specific products and choose from:
    • all products
    • specific products
    • on sale products
    • products of specific categories
    • products of specific tags

You can further refine the selection and exclude some of them.

Apply rule to: finally, you can decide to apply this max discount rule to:

Example: your shop’s global discount is set to be 50%, but you want to allow “Best buyers” level to get up to a 75% discount on Accessories category.