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Levels & Badges

From this sub-section, you can create the levels and associate badges to fine-tune your powerful gamification strategy.

Go to YITH > Points & Rewards > Points options > Levels & Badges.

Levels & Badges

Then, click on the + Add new level button to create your first or a new level.

New level
  • Level name: type in the level name here. This will be visible both in the backend and on the frontend to your customers.
  • Points to collect: set how many points the user has to collect to achieve this level. Leave the “to” field empty if this is the last achievable.
  • Add a badge image: enable if you want to upload a badge image to identify this level.
    • Upload badge: Upload the image here.
  • Level text color: set the color for the level label text (shown in shortcodes and widgets).

This is an example of how your level looks like on My account page.

Levels in my account