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Go to YITH > Points and Rewards > Emails tab to enable, configure and edit the two emails sent by this plugin.

Expiring points

The first one you find is to inform your user about their expiring points. You can set how many days before the points expiration it has to be sent and customize the content.

Expiring points email

Use the following placeholders in the text to recover customer’s information dynamically:

  • {username}: customer’s username
  • {first_name} = customer’s first name
  • {last_name} = customer’s last name
  • {expiring_points}: number of expiring points (as not all points might have the same expiry date)
  • {label_points}: the text that you have set up to replace the default one “Points”
  • {expiring_date}: point expiry date
  • {total_points}: current points balance
  • {shop_url}: URL of the shop
  • {discount}: value of the discount
  • {website_name}: website name

In order to edit other details of this email, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and click on Expiring Points.

Expiry email settings

Here you can change the sender’s name and email address, subject (you can also use placeholders here), any additional recipient, email heading, description and type.

This is an example of how the email sent to customers will look like.

Expiring points email

When points expire, this will be registered in the operation table, both for users and shop administrators.

Updated points notification

Updated points email settings

On the same page, you can also edit the email that is automatically sent to customers and make sure it’s sent:

  • either once a day if points have been updated
  • or as soon as points balance is updated.

You can choose whether to enable this notification or not and edit the content, where you can also use the following placeholders:

  • {username}: customer’s username
  • {first_name} = customer’s first name
  • {last_name} = customer’s last name
  • {latest_updates}: this prints a list with the latest updates to the points balance
  • {total_points}: this prints the current balance
  • {shop_url}: shop URL
  • {website_name}: website name
Updated points email