Redeeming points – restrictions

In the following section, you can find more options and restrictions for when users will redeem points.

Please, note: these settings change based on the Reward conversion method you’ve selected above (Fixed or Percent discount). Some options are only available for Fixed Price Discount.

Yet, the plugin settings for Fixed and Percent Discount are saved as two separate settings, so that whenever you switch from one method to the other, you can restore your previous settings, no need to configure everything from scratch every time you want to switch.

For example, you can set up a Maximum discount of €100 with a fixed discount method, but a maximum discount of 30% with the percent method.

Let’s see, then, all the available options here.

Redeeming restrictions


First of all, to set up your redeeming restrictions, you must enable the option Apply redeeming restrictions.

  • Maximum discount users can get: here you can enter the maximum discount amount that your users can get when they redeem their points. Based on what you select as a conversion method (fixed or percent discount), this value will either be a fixed maximum discount or a maximum percentage applied to each product.

You can override this value either on category or on product level

  • Minimum cart amount to redeem points: enter here the minimum cart amount required to redeem points. E.g. if you enter €10 here, users cannot use their points for orders below €10.
  • Minimum discount required to redeem (only available for Fixed Price Discount): here you can enter the minimum discount required to redeem points. For example, if your user has 10 points worth €1 discount, and the minimum discount here is €5, they will not be able to redeem those points yet, they’ll have to collect at least 50 points worth a €5 discount.
  • Maximum discount for single product (only available for Fixed Price Discount): here you can enter the maximum points-generated discount that can be applied per product.
    Please, note: the points-generated discount is always divided by all the products in the cart, so, for example, if your users use 1000 points worth a €100 discount in a cart with 5 products, the discount per product would be €20. If you enter a maximum of €15 here, the discount applied would be a maximum of €15 per product, so €75 (€15 * 5 products).