Points by category

Besides the general/global settings for the awarding of points, you can set a conversion parameter by product category (or even by single product).

When set, the conversion parameter on the category wins over the global and the role-based settings. 
So, all products belonging to the same category will be subject to the same price-points conversion.

Go to the category edit page and set the number of points in the box Points Earned.


Points earned: this field allows you to override the global rules for the awarding of points for all products belonging to this category. You have three options:

  1. leave the field empty to make global rules apply;
  2. assign a fixed number of points for this category (0 for no points);
  3. edit global rules by a percent value. For example, enter 200% for double points or 50% for half points.
    These settings can be overridden on product level.

Moreover, you can also override the validity time range for points of this category:

validity - expiry by category

And you can also override the maximum discount applicable to products in this category. Either enter a fixed value or a percent value. For example, enter 50% if you want that no more than a 50% discount can be applied to products in this category.


All these settings can be overriden on product level. See here to learn more about this.