Points by category

Besides the general/global settings for the awarding of points, you can set a conversion parameter by product category (or even by single product).

When set, the conversion parameter on the category wins over the global and the role-based settings. 
So, all products belonging to the same category will be subject to the same price-points conversion.

Go to the category edit page and enable the option Override global points rules for products of this category.

Points by category

Now select the behavior to override the global rules for the awarding of points for all products belonging to this category. You have three options:

  1. Not assign points;
  2. Set a fixed amount of points (0 for no points);
  3. Set a percentage amount of points based on global points rules. For example, enter 200% for double points or 50% for half points.
    These settings can be overridden on the product level.

Moreover, you can also override the validity time range for points of this category by choosing from two options: From now and until will be manually ended or Schedule a start and end date.

Schedule points overriding

And you can also override the maximum discount applicable to products in this category. Either enter a fixed value or a percent value or no discount limit. For example, enter 50% if you want that no more than a 50% discount can be applied to products in this category.

Ovverride max discount

All these settings can be overridden on the product level. See here to learn more about this.