In the next tab, you’ll find the general settings of the plugin.

First of all, here you can choose whether to enable the plugin or keep it disabled while you still are configuring all the settings.

You can also choose if your Shop Managers can have access to the customers’ points update page (so, to the Customers’s Points tab). Enable this option if you want to allow them.

Points visibility

In the section below, you can set up how and where points appear.

Hide points messages from guests: this option lets you hide any reference to points that can be earned (on product, shop, cart and checkout page) for guest users.

Show points on “My Account” page: this option lets you show a dedicated tab on “My Account” page, in which the user finds a list with all the points history.

Show points worth: enable this option to make sure that the money worth of points is shown on the product page. This will encourage your users to buy as they can see the discount that they can accumulate on a future purchase.

Label: here you can enter the text to show in the tab in My Account


Endpoint: here you can change the text of the endpoint of the tab with points in My Account



Show points earned and spent: two options are here available. The first one lets you show the points earned/used with the current order in the order details page in My Account; the other one lets you show the same information in the Order Completed email.