Extra points

In the Extra Points tab you can configure extra rules to award points on specific conditions:

  • Number of reviews posted
  • Number of orders placed
  • Total amount spend
  • Checkout thresholds
  • Points collected so far
  • First registration
  • Birthday

There is no limit for rules that you can specify. The button Repeat allows you to apply the rule cyclically. If you select ‘repeat’ for every rule you set, only the first rule will count, following rules will be ignored.

  • whenever users leave more than a specified number of reviews;

With the first review, the client will obtain 3 points, with the second (and following reviews) the client will obtain 2 points because the ‘repeat’ option is checked. If you turn this off, the client will no longer receive points for reviews.

  • whenever users place more than a specified number of orders;

Because ‘repeat’ is selected, the client will receive 7 points for every order.

  • whenever users reach a specified spend threshold;

The client will receive 10 points for a total spend of $100 and another 50 points for a total spend of $300. This is with regard to the total spend ever (since installing the plugin). If the client, for example, spends 350$ at once, he will receive 60 points.

  • based on the Checkout thresholds;

You can assign points based on the Cart total (for example, assigning 10 points for a total cart of $1000) and/or apply all the rules (if all the conditions match) or only one (the highest Cart amount) by disabling or enabling the related option.

  • whenever users reach a specified number of points;

For every 1.000 points the customer has, he will receive 100 extra points.

  • whenever users register into the shop;

Only a one-time option, after registering to the shop.

  • on the customer’s birthday every year.
    You can also select where to show the Date of birth input field by choosing one or all the available options: My Account page, Registration form, Checkout page.
    You can set your customers’ date of birth also from the backend, in the user details page.

This means the client will receive 20 points on his birthday, every year.