Free version settings

Go to YITH > Points and Rewards to set up the plugin.

1. Customers’ points

On the first tab called Customers’ Points you’ll find a list of all your users and the total points they have.

Next to each user, you’ll find a button Update Points to update their points balance manually. Click on it to open the customer details:

Here you can see a box where you can add positive or negative values to add or remove points from their balance. This action will be logged in the table below together with any other action that lets the user gain or use points.

2. Enable the plugin and reset points

In the Settings tab, you can enable or disable the plugin settings, so that your points awarding programme can start with one click only.

On the same page, you can also reset points for all your customers and bring their balance back to zero. Please, consider that this action applies to all users without exceptions and that it is irreversible.

3. Points awarding and redeeming rules

In the Points settings tab, you can configure the conversion rules for points and rewards.

In the first section Points and Rewards settings you can set up how many points awarding for every Euro (or any other currency) spent.

For example, in the example below your users will earn 1 point every €10 spent.

Please, note: conversion rate is applied on each product price and not on cart total, meaning that points are calculated from the price of each product first and are rounded to the nearest integer number and then summed up.

In the next section, you can set up the redeeming rules, so that your users can use the points they’ve earned to get a discount on the next purchase.

In the above example, they will be able to get $1 discount every 10 points used.

Customers will be informed about their available discount on the Cart and Checkout page and will also be able to choose how many points to use. The discount will change based on the number of points entered.

Please, note: the prices are rounded to the nearest integer number, and the total points are calculated on the total and subtotal in cart.

The example below will clarify this.

There are two products in cart:

  • T-shirt: €18.00
  • Polo: €20.00

As the conversion rate is 1 point every €10, total points collected with this purchase is 4, which is the result of:

  • 2 points for T-shirt
  • 2 points for Polo

The prices are rounded to the nearest integer number, and the total points are calculated on the total and subtotal in cart.

4. Messages

In the next tab, you will be able to customize the two messages shown on the Cart and Checkout page, the one informing about how many points the customer will be awarded and the one about the discount they can get from available points.

Customize the text with the following placeholders:

  • {points} = shows the maximum number of points that can be used on this order.
  • {points_label} = shows the label for Points.
  • {max_discount} = shows the maximum available discount for the current order.