In the Labels tab, you can edit some of the main texts of the plugin and customize them as you prefer. Following you can see all the available labels.


  • Singular label replacing ‘Point’
  • Plural label replacing ‘Points’
  • Order Completed
  • Order Processing
  • Order Cancelled
  • Admin Action
  • Reviews
  • Registration
  • Target – Total Points
  • Target – Total Amount
  • Target – Total Orders
  • Birthday
  • Expired Points
  • Order Refund
  • Order Refund Deleted
  • Redeemed Points
  • Apply Discount Button


The messages allow users to know how many points they would earn with a product or with their cart contents or the discount they could get using their available points. You can configure each message individually from the Messages tab.

Single product message

The message in product page can be used to show the number of points assigned by each single product. You can use the following placeholders:

  • {points}: number of points earned;
  • {points_label}: label of points;
  • {price_discount_fixed_conversion}: the discount corresponding to these points


Choose the position where this message will appear among:

  • Before “Add to Cart” Button (as in the image below)
  • After “Add to Cart” Button
  • Before excerpt
  • After excerpt
  • After product meta

Product detail page

Loop message

To show the number of points that can be earned for each product on the Shop page, enable this message.

Loop message

Cart and Checkout Messages

On “Cart” and “Checkout” page, you can show the number of points users can get after the order will be completed.

The total value is calculated considering the sum of the points for each product. To recall the value, and add it to the body of the message, use the {points} placeholder.

Message in cart

Checkout Message

Message in Cart page

Reward message

Activate the option Show Reward Message in Cart/Checkout option to the possible discount users could get if they use their available points. Once activated, the message will be shown both on “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.

Reward message

Reward message - Cart page

Compose your customized message using one of the following placeholders:

  • {points}: number of points needed to benefit from the discount;
  • {max_discount}: discount that can be applied to the cart amount.

Import and export tab


Select the export option, you can choose to export (in CSV format):

  • Email and related points
  • User ID and related points


Choose the delimiter you want to use, for example ‘comma’ and push “Start” to start the export process.


Select the import option, you can choose to import (in CSV format):

  • Email and related points
  • User ID and related point

Make sure when you import a file, the plugin needs to know what type of data is written in the first column (either email or user ID).


Choose which action you want to apply when importing the data:

  • Add points to the current balance
  • Override points

Choose the delimiter you want to use, for example ‘comma’

Next select which document you want to import, push “Start” to start the import process.


Example import-export

Points by category

Besides the general/global settings for the awarding of points, you can set a conversion parameter by product category (or even by single product).

When set, the conversion parameter on the category wins over the global and the role-based settings. 
So, all products belonging to the same category will be subject to the same price-points conversion.

Go to the category edit page and set the number of points in the box Points Earned.


Points earned: this field allows you to override the global rules for the awarding of points for all products belonging to this category. You have three options:

  1. leave the field empty to make global rules apply;
  2. assign a fixed number of points for this category (0 for no points);
  3. edit global rules by a percent value. For example, enter 200% for double points or 50% for half points.
    These settings can be overridden on product level.

Moreover, you can also override the validity time range for points of this category:

validity - expiry by category

And you can also override the maximum discount applicable to products in this category. Either enter a fixed value or a percent value. For example, enter 50% if you want that no more than a 50% discount can be applied to products in this category.


All these settings can be overriden on product level. See here to learn more about this.

Points settings by single product

The conversion value set on the product is the one with the greatest importance.

To associate the product with a specific number of points, go to the product detail page and insert the value in the Points earned field as shown in the image below.

Points earned for single product

Moreover, through the field “Validity for extra point reward (optional)”, you can make points associated to that product be valid only for the specified time range.

If we specify, so, 50 points for the product “Fashion Suite”, customers will earn 50 points instead of 3 (as specified in the global rule with a $10 = 1 point conversion).

Points earned for Fashion Suite

Single product - Example

Variable products

Just like for simple products, the same options can be also configured for variable products in a different way for each variation.

Variable product

If you want that no discounts is applied on a specific product, just enter 0.

Multi-currency support

The plugin supports the following multi-currency plugins:

  • WooCommerce Multilingual (4.2.9 or higher)
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher (v. 1.2.4 or higher)
  • Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce 

and lets you configure a different number of points for each currency.

Whenever you create new rules for awarding and for redeeming points, you will see one fields for each currency available in your shop, like this:

Multi-currency support

The same configuration is replicated for each role in your shop:

Multi-currency support by role

Widgets & Shortcodes


YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards offers three widgets: two for the back end, and one for the front end.
The first two are displayed in the Dashboard and show the list of the users that have respectively collected more points and earned the highest discounts using the points earned.

Dashboard widgets

The only widget you can add in the sidebar of your site is YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards – Balance: with it, you can show the current points balance to your logged-in users.



There are two available shortcodes:

  • [yith_ywpar_points]: shows remaining points to logged-in users;
  • [yith_ywpar_points_list]: shows point history to logged-in users.