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From this tab you can manage the widgets and the style of the widgets.

Tab 4 - Widget colors

Firstly you can change the colours of the texts, borders, background etc.

Sticky widget options

Secondly you will find the options for the “Sticky widget”.

Tab 4 - sticky widget

  • Show sticky currency widget: Enable or disable the visibility of this widget.
  • Sticky currency widget position: Show it on the right- or left side of your store.
  • Limit currencies in sticky widget: Decide to limit the currencies that are shown.
    • Number of currencies in sticky widget: Give in the number of shown currencies.
  • Show flags in sticky widget: Decide to show flags, and to show them on the left- or right side.
Sticky widget example

Sticky widget example

Currency widget options

And finally the options to show a currency switcher on the single product page.

Tab 4 - currency widgets

  • Show a shortcode as widget in all product pages: Show a currency shortcode as a widget in the product detail pages.
  • Select the widget: Select a shortcode from your list. You can manage the widgets from the “Shortcodes” tab. We also explain the steps here.
  • Widget position in the product pages: Where to show the widget:
    • Near price
    • After add to cart button
    • After product summary
Currency widget example

Currency widget example