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Other general settings

Here you can set the other general settings like, default currency, checkout currency and how to change the currency.

Tab 1 - other options

This is also the currency set in WooCommerce > Settings, so it is the currency of the Whole Store. If you change this in the plugin, it will also change the WooCommerce Currency (and viceversa).

default currency

  • Checkout currency: Choose which currency to show at checkout
    • Customer selected currency: Customer is free to select his own currency.
    • Forced to a specific currency: A new option appears where you can select the currency to show and use at checkout.

Tab 1 - force currency

  • Forced, based on the customer’s country: Based on billing- or shipping address. They cannot be blank on checkout.

Tab 1 - force on country

  • Change currency using: 
    • Ajax: The currency will change through an AJAX call, so the URL of the site will not change (
    • Query string: When changing the currency in the query string will appear ‘currency=USD’ (where USD is the ID of the selected currency) so the URL will be (
    • Query string only for non-logged users: This option will show the Ajax one for logged in users, and a query string when the user is non-logged.