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YITH Name Your Price

YITH WooCommerce Name Your Price is the easiest way to get donations and let your users decide the price of your products or services.

The integration with YITH Multi Currency Switcher allows your user to enter their own price for a product in their own currency without any issue: the plugin will automatically convert the amount in the default currency.

Please, note this option works only with the automatic conversion option set.

So, first of all make sure you install and activate the premium version of both plugins.

Then, go to YITH > Multi Currency Switcher > General settings and set the option “How to set exchange rates” to “Automatically“.

Then, make sure you configure your currencies and other currency options based on your needs (please, refer to the plugin documentation here) and that’s it!

Prices in Euros

If you enable a minimum and maximum price and the suggested price, these amounts will be set up only in the default store currency and will be automatically converted on the frontend if your user changes the currency.

Name your price - suggested prices
Prices set in the default currency

Prices showing in the default currency
Prices showing in the default currency
Prices converted in the user selected currency
Prices converted in the user-selected currency