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YITH Points and Rewards

YITH Points and Rewards helps you loyalize your customers with an effective points-based loyalty program and instant rewards.

The integration with YITH Multi Currency Switcher allows you to set up custom points rules for each currency supported in your store, so the value of points is always consistent with your market.

Whenever you create new rules for awarding (Points options > Points assignments) and for redeeming points (Redeem options > Points redeeming), you will see one field for each currency available in your shop, like this:

Points by currency

The same configuration is replicated in the Points rules and Redeem rules and for each role in your shop:

Redeem rules

Or for every Extra points settings where you can set a conversion from points to money or vice versa.

currency - Extra points


For further details about the configuration of YITH Points and Rewards plugin, please, refer to the official documentation.